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Maeghan from Atlanta, member since 2015 reviews Giftster
Loren from Tennessee, member since 2021 reviews Giftster
Ashley from Nashville Member since 2020

Prevent duplicate gifts & returns

“Love this website...it gets too hard to get everyone together to draw names + it makes it less likely you get duplicates aka Christmas gift returns! Thank you!”
“I appreciate you developing this app. My large family has had a big problem with duplicate gifts in the past. I’m excited to have this problem resolved.”
Sherrie G.
“My extended family likes to give gifts to each other at Christmas. We used to use paper and email lists, but that led to duplicate gifts. Giftster has helped us keep our lists current, without the avalanche of email.”
Sumiko C.
“I have a large family, of various ages from 6 to 60 years old who are spread out across the country. I wanted to create a Christmas list that everybody could access to list exactly what they wanted on their gift list. Giftster is an amazing tool. Everyone is able to set links to the very specific gifts they wanted. Giftster made Christmas shopping so much easier this year. One of the main issues my family runs into is duplicate gift buying which was completely eliminated this year. Giftster is easy to use and that sets you apart. My family members who are little children and up to seniors were able to navigate your site. I have only praise for your site and have recommended it to friends since the holidays.”
April A.
“We needed a way for our 3 families to know what we wanted for xmas but avoid double up of gifts. We were using another site which we originally chose over Giftster as on computer it was more user friendly for grandparents however their app is very clunky to the point it is unusable. We have since come back to yours and found some improvements made since the last time we were here but also find the app far superior to others. Also love the Secret Santa feature will be using it down the track!”
Tara D.

Save time & money shopping for gifts

“I’ve had a blast shopping with Giftster. Two Hours Max…AND I’m done Christmas Shopping. AND the people on my list are gonna love their gifts. Thanks FOR your WORK!”
Anita D.
“Just did an entire afternoon worth of Christmas shopping from the kitchen table. Giftster takes the uncertainty out of Christmas shopping and links you directly with the source of the item you want to order. Just click a few buttons and your shopping is done. How much easier could you want it?”
John R.
“As the Mom in charge, once I introduced Giftster to the family, it took a big hassle off my plate. The kids keep their own lists current, and my mom knows to check Giftster too. I’m out of the middle…I love it.”
Nancy B.
“WE LOVE YOUR SITE!!! My family and I just stumbled upon your site after a quick google search. We have approximately 25 family members that come to Christmas every year. And everyone buys a gift for everyone. Exhausting and expensive at best. But now we can post things that don’t cost anything (like a buddy to help organize a closet, or recipes that are gluten free). And we can centralize the whole process. We are in love!”
Alexandra W.
“I like that you can add a link right to an Amazon page with the gift idea, so you know exactly what someone is wishing for. It saves trying to subtly find out a color or size or model number preference.”
Bill R.

App to share family wish lists

“With our whole family living all over the world and having to buy presents for 10 kids on each special occasion, it has always been chaotic. Now with Giftster, we can just list the things we would like and it makes buying for everybody a whole lot easier.”
Jenn C.
“My daughter-in-law recommended Giftster so that she could share a list of wishes for their son’s birthday, and so my other daughter-in-law could do the same with their children. I love all the features that are available for items added to lists! I also love that I can share certain lists and keep other lists private. I love that my daughters-in-law can rate each item with one to five stars and change the ratings at any time, so I can always know what the kids want most.”
“I want to thank you for the wonderful job you have done in helping me to buy gifts for my grandchildren and having them delivered in a very timely fashion. While I am not of the "computer generation" I find it extremely easy to buy and have the gifts sent.”
Jeffrey W.
“The challenge was always to have a centrally-located gift list for our family Christmas gift exchange. Poor Mom! She was always at the hub of all our phone calls about what was already taken from the master gift list and what was still available. Finally we have easy access to up-to-the-minute ideas for everyone in the family. And with the phone app, we're finally free from paper lists! Keep up the good work, and thanks for all your efforts!”
Lori K.
“I have a large family and extended family. I was hoping Giftster would allow us to keep track of buying presents for one another. It has been PERFECT!”
Matthew B.
“We have been using Giftster for several years for our family Chirstmas gift exchange and love it! The app works great and is easy for all family members to use.”
Nancy S.

Draw names for Secret Santa gift exchanges

“I found your site a few years ago and absolutely love it!! We have a large family and we draw names. Your site makes it so easy to find exactly what someone wants.”
Lisa D.
“Giftster is a WONDERFUL website, and it has helped my family's Christmas gift exchange immensely. I'm Elf Jill, the organizer of the family gift exchange for the last 8 years. Let me tell you - Giftster has saved me SO much time and hassle! Thanks for creating and maintaining such a wonderful online tool!”
Jill N.
“Your site made our office secret santa go so smoothly!”
Kevin B.

Birthdays, weddings & year-round gift registry

“Your app and the concept behind it is fantastic. I discovered you a couple years ago and got a bunch of my family on board and we use it for all of our birthdays and it's especially handy at Christmas time.”
“I didn’t think Giftster would get used after the holidays. But as soon as the first birthday came up, it was the first place everyone went to look for gift ideas.”
Ron E.
“I needed a place to display a list of gift ideas for a baby shower for which Giftster worked brilliantly.”
Stuart W.

The end of gift anxiety

“We had a wonderful Christmas using Giftster. All six of us used it, and everyone received gifts they really wanted. This was the most robust year for us on Giftster, and I think it will only grow from here. I have already updated mine to remove the items I received for Christmas. We are trying to get everyone in our family in the habit of keeping it current at all times. Thanks for a great site!”
Ron B.
“This is such a great reminder website! And I always know they will like what I buy them thanks to you!”
Cynthia C.
“Giftster has been a great way to figure out secret santa exchanges and a wonderful way to share wishlists for holiday exchanges and for gifts throughout the year. The wishlists help to ensure I'm buying gifts that are really wanted.”
Erin F.

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