Seasons of gift giving

The personal gift registry
for every season of your life

Seasons of gift giving

The personal
gift registry
for every season
of your life

Our Story

Stack of gifts

Giftster solves a $14 billion problem, one family at a time

Remember getting that gift that you couldn’t use but you feigned delight and it’s still in your closet? Or walking into the mall to buy a birthday gift for your spouse and realizing you had no clue where to start? Once you got over that panic you ended up with a gift you’re still not sure they really wanted.

Well, when you add up all these gift “misses” – where money was spent on something that meant less than it costs to the recipient, that loss of value from “thoughtful” gift giving adds up to billions of dollars a year.

Besides the economy of it, gift giving creates an emotional connection and when mistakes are made it creates what we call gift anxiety.

If you think for a moment I bet you can recall giving or getting a gift that went awkward because it was a miss. Wouldn’t you love an almost foolproof way to avoid that ever happening again?

We did.

The idea was born–Giftster

Made in MN

We spent 3 years carefully building in hundreds of different rules and features based on early member feedback. We ended up with a service unlike any other, with family groups at the core…and list-making and list sharing that is fun.

There were setbacks and disappointments along the way, but we just kept going because early members were loving it.

I remember celebrating our first 100 members back in 2008. Years later we hit 100,000. Now we have over two million members. If two million love it, why not ten million?

There are so many seasons in life to celebrate

Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, weddings, babies, graduations, anniversaries – the list is endless. These important gift-giving events are essential parts of life and help to deepen bonds with our family and friends.

I encourage you to be the one to champion Giftster for your family.  I promise you will give and get gifts that matter most to you from here on out. 

So what is Giftster?

Here’s how the review site BestProducts describes it:

“Giftster allows you to create both private and public wish lists that can be shared with friends and family. If your whole family registers for the service, you can create a group where lists can be shared directly, and you can even see if an item has already been purchased from someone's list by another member of your family. To add gifts to your list, all you need is a link to the product and the system fetches information about the gift (including the price) to your wish list (but you can add more in-depth details like sizing). You can even rank your gifts based on how badly you want them.”

With Giftster, you set it up once, and use it for a lifetime. Whatever the gift-giving occasion, you’ll want to Check Giftster!

Ron Reimann, Founder

Meet Us

The clever folks who’ve made Giftster so easy to use. Easy is hard.


Ron Reimann

Founder & CEO

Knows how to pilot a boat and a business. Enjoys corny jokes.


Ian Fitzpatrick

Owner & CTO

Has a man bun and makes weird computer things.


Sarah Shuda

Design & Marketing Director

A creative mom who enjoys biking, healthy-living, and The Gilmore Girls.


Jeannette Evans

Member Support

Who is: a mom of 3 girls, avid walker, and Jeopardy fanatic.


Melissa Cairns

Member Support

Mom + unpaid Uber driver of a busy Irish dancer and distance runner. Loves travel, wine, and her dogs.


Dan Hahn


Can win at computer solitaire 5 times in a row.



Member Support

Ribbon collector who enjoys wrap music and ballroom dancing.

Supporting Contributors

Development & Technical

Matt Westerburg
Ryan Mark
Lynn Smith
R. Colley
S. Reynen
Richard Steckroth
Beau Severson
Mike Allen
Jeromy Darling

Design & User Experience

E. Brask
Jenny Mueller
Laura Maggi
Scot Scott

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