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Birthday gift gone wrong

Birthday Bloopers: Hilarious Videos of Gifts Gone Wrong

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Giving the perfect gift can feel stressful as you search for just the right present. It needs to convey an appropriate sentiment for your relationship with the recipient. SNL highlighted this struggle in a hilarious skit (below). It needs to be in a suitable price range. Finally, it should be something that the person will want and enjoy. For some, their best efforts are thwarted, resulting in these hilarious videos of these birthday gifts gone wrong. 

Give them something they want 

Giving a birthday gift should be about the recipient and what they want. When she gave him a candle, this girlfriend didn’t consider her boyfriend’s interests. To make matters worse, he spent significantly more on her birthday gift than she did on his. Things continued downhill when he told her to return the candle, and she told him she couldn’t. At this point, she admitted she took the candle from her mother’s house. 

Not what it looks like 

Sometimes, getting a gift that looks like one thing but is another can be cute. This works exceptionally well when you stick to a theme or topic the recipient is interested in. However, there is also a high risk of failure. This poor woman received what she thought was a camera lens. Only to then have to be told that the gift wasn’t a camera lens but a coffee mug. From the video, it looks like she isn’t thrilled with either idea. 

Gifts gone wrong: unusable gifts

Watch this son’s face go from pure excitement to confusion to amusement as he opens his gift. He loves to golf and was thrilled to get a new club. But his excitement quickly changed to confusion as he realized it was a left-handed club and he was not left-handed. He and his father then laughed together at realizing the club wasn’t right. 

Recipients fail too

A son gets a brand-new hoverboard as a gift. He immediately takes it into the backyard to ride it. Upon hitting a crack in the concrete, he falls. The hoverboard goes straight into the pool. You can hear the increasing desperation in his voice as he calls his parents. The hoverboard slowly sinks to the bottom of the pool. 

Take care when shipping gifts 

This woman felt the same excitement we all feel when we come home to a mystery package around our birthday. She excitedly opened what she thought was a thoughtful gift. It could have been if it was delivered correctly. Unfortunately, something went wrong. What started as an elegant bouquet turned into a box of petals and rotting stems. 

Read the fine print 

It’s happened to all of us at some point. You see an item online and buy it without reading the full description. It then arrives in the mail, and disappointment sets in. One woman thought she had a sweet gift idea of buying her boyfriend a watch case. Except when it arrived, it said “best dad of all time.” Her boyfriend is not a dad. Her failure wasn’t in the idea but in failing to read the fine print. The on-sale item she thought was a great deal was a Father’s Day promotion. 


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Happy gifting!

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