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Excellent opportunities for the right affiliate programs.

Giftster is creating a useful new part of the consumer shopping ecosystem – the year-round wish list sharing service that is becoming a part of millions of families’ lives.

Leverage this growth by working more closely with us.

Giftster works directly with merchants with affiliate marketing programs, and can offer ways to increase visibility on our platform of a mobile responsive and apps for iOS and Android.

Giftster currently does not allow display advertising, to give our members the best user experience.

An average group consists of 4-7 members.

Our audience has a very high propensity to buy, as visitors are either making lists of things they desire or looking to choose and buy a gift for someone else. We have an international audience, but the majority are visiting stores in the United States.

A typical Giftster list maker shares their wish list in a private group with 4-7 other family members, with each member shopping the other member’s lists, resulting in an estimated 66% of purchasers net-new to file to the retailer.

According to the 2022 NRFs annual survey on returns, 17.9% of total merchandise purchased in 2022, amounting to $171 billion, was estimated to be returned. Giftster ensures purchases are exactly what the recipient wishes for, dramatically reducing the return rate, saving a hassle for the buyer and return expenses for the retailer.

Giftster growth
Above: Member growth.

Giftster growth trends

Giftster’s membership continues to grow aggressively year over year and has exceeded 2 million members (2023). Tracked conversion dollar volume by traffic sent to our retail partners totaled over $70 million in 2023.

Limited direct partnerships

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