Find a member or group

Find a Giftster member. Request membership in an existing Giftster group. Once your membership is approved, you can share and shop each other's lists in that group.

Make the most of Giftster member search

First, search by member name or email address to find the member. Then you’ll see links to any available lists or gift preferences that belong to them.

Find someone you know is already a member of the group you wish to join by searching with their name or email address.

Expand their listing to see a list of any groups they belong to. Tap the Request to join link to send the request to the group owner. You will either log in or sign up for Giftster to complete the request.

Add a photo of yourself to help others spot you most quickly in Giftster member search. The photo also shows on your lists and group listings.

If you don’t want others to discover the lists and gift preferences you decided to make public, you have the option to opt out of showing up in member search. Visit your profile page to quickly add your photo, or to set opt-out options.

Unlike a regular Giftster account, a child account is only searchable by the name on the child account, not the email address associated with it.