Merchant Wish List Integration

Your customers can make a free online wish list with your products.

Why offer Giftster to your customers?

Add items from any store – online or off
Customers often find registering for a store website just to save a few items to a wishlist too much of a chore. With Giftster, they can add items from your store, along with items from other stores all in one place.

Brand awareness & product exposure
The best part of having your store’s items on Giftster is an increase in product exposure. With over a million members, Giftster wish lists are shared and viewed by people around the world.

Consider adding Giftster, the universal family wish list maker, into your marketing plans.

It’s completely free to use.

How to link to Giftster on your website

  1. Create a text link for Giftster on your site.
  2. Link it to either our homepage ( or sign-up page (
  3. Add copy to your page or with the link reminding customers to add that the item can be purchased at your shop or site. Using Giftster features like Fetch and Add-to-Giftster button can make this easier.

Download the Giftster logo

For use on your website or in-store displays. Visit our brand resources page for additional Giftster graphics and photos.

Display a sign in your store

Print this wish list sign to display in your store.

In need of a customized wish list solution for your business?

Contact Ron Reimann at 612-216-5112 x206 to discuss possible opportunities.

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