If you are up to date with the summer trends and wish to climb the bandwagon, then a cool pink cowboy hat must be already mentioned in your to-buy list. Almost every year, a new sensation rises and sweeps every chic off their feet to follow the crowd.

This time it’s all about pink cowboy hats, be they sparkling or just plain undecorated ones.

The pink color is usually associated with the female gender, thus representing feminity. It has the power to have an effect on females’ minds. It boosts up their confidence and a feministic side.

These are usually found on Alibaba and sold in various styles and designs.

Let’s see how many looks you can create with your pink cowboy hat with.

What Can You Pair Up with Your Cowboy Hat?

Beachy look

A beach look is incomplete without eye shades and a hat; bonus if it’s a cowboy hat. Decorated with beads and all, a beady pink hat gives away a fun look and adds playfulness to your overall personality.

Denim look

Imagine a denim dress with cowboy heels. Now add a pink cowboy hat to the picture. Isn’t that impressive?

Pairing cowboy hats with denim is a plus. The final look will itself become a trend in the upcoming months.

Edgy look

A cowboy hat with a leather western vest gives away an edgy look. And presents an overall ultra-chill ensemble. The leather vest should be wearable and easy to carry off.

Country look

To get a raw look, you must just search through your wardrobe and come out wearing literally anything, and the hat will look great with it. But if you wish to bring back the country trends, try pairing it with a western-inspired blouse and denim.

Southern Boho

You must have witnessed a soft overall look, including this cap, at least once. In this soft side of Western fashion. It is a fantastic idea to pair a cowboy hat with a dress having ruffles and a high neckline and cowboy boots.

Festival look

These hot pink hats steal the limelight at any festival. A festival look gives us a wide range to choose from as the look could be formal or informal, plain or costume-y. A pink hat can cover all of the boxes and stand out among the crowd of thousands of bobbing heads.

Luxe looks

Though it could be hard to believe, known names among high-end designers are catching up on the trend as well. They never miss a chance to make a statement through any accessory or piece of clothing, be it their studs or sandals, glittery bodice, or bright pink cowboy hats. Pairing a cowboy hat with a sundress usually seems to be part of their summer catalogs.


Once upon a time, these pink hats used to be a part of Halloween costumes only, but now they are becoming a fashion statement. And most of the people are following the pink cowboy hat wave.

It is more than just a hat, it has become an attitude, a personality with a head held high, a hat held higher.


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