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Why Christmas is better with Giftster​

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Add any item to your Christmas list in seconds with Fetch
Simply copy and paste a web link to an item you want to add and Giftster auto-fills the rest. Or type in any gift name, no link needed.
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Personalize your Christmas list with an image
Choose from over 50 images suited to fit your style. Cake, nature, a holiday theme – the choice is yours. Change it out for the season or choose a year-round option.
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Share clothing sizes, hobbies & interests
Gift preferences is a great place to share your clothing sizes, favorite colors, hobbies, and interests with others to give them more ideas for you – beyond your wish list.
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Guests mark items on your Christmas list purchased

Family members mark items purchased to avoid duplicate gifts. The list maker cannot see which gifts are reserved keeping the surprise alive. 

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Add a Secret Santa draw to any Giftster group

Draw names for your gift exchange with 3+ group members. Picks remain a secret so everyone can join in on the fun. Set exclusions so spouses don’t pick each other. You make the rules.

Over 2 million members and counting…

“I didn’t think Giftster would get used after the holidays. But as soon as the first birthday came up, it was the first place everyone went to look for gift ideas.”
“I tested 3 different sites but Giftster was the winner! Even my 80 years young mother-in-law could use it!”
“Love that you offer online, iPhone, and Android app! Makes it truly universal.”

The end of Christmas gift anxiety

Gift Anxiety Christmas

What gift anxiety?

  • Hoping you picked right, fearing you picked wrong
  • Faking delight when opening an unwanted gift
  • Settling for a gift card and feeling like a failure
  • Dreading the hassle of receipts and returns
  • Forgetting every gift hint from the past few months
  • Disappointment when you give a gift they already have

Easy access from any device

Giftster Christmas wish list gift exchange app.

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